Non emergency medical transportation

Safe Medical Transportation At Manageable Rates

Lavish Ride strives to provide the best car services in Houston, including non emergency medical transportation

Medical transportation is serious and must be dealt with care. Not only is the service of providing medical transportation more delicate, but it also requires professional drivers. That’s why Lavish Ride has been a leader in non emergency medical transportation in Houston.

You can never rely on a simple taxi to take you to your clinic for a regular checkup because the driver wouldn’t be able to handle the situation. Instead, a professional driver, like the ones at Lavish Ride, would be well-trained and will know how to handle such a situation without panicking.

 non emergency medical transportation in Houston

Lavish Ride Is Your Best Choice For Non Emergency Medical Transportation

No matter how you look at it, a personal driver and a comfortable vehicle are very important in ensuring safety and avoiding complications. Lavish Ride is the best choice for medical transportation because:

  • We’ve Got The Most Comfortable Vehicles: A monthly trip for a regular checkup can turn itself into a relaxing experience if you choose the right ride. Lavish Ride’s car services in Houston are known for its comfortable and smooth rides. We take care of everything from cleaning the vehicles regularly to maintaining. We’ve got a big fleet of latest rides like Sedans, SUVs, and executive sprinter vans for you to choose from depending upon your requirements.
  • Our Drivers Can Handle Stress: It’s never helpful to have your driver panicking. It’s their job to ensure your safety, and professional drivers understand that completely. That’s why personal drivers never panic, no matter what the situation, and take you to your destination safe and sound.
  • We Ensure Timely Pickups And Drop Offs: If you’re traveling to a clinic for a regular checkup, you must have an appointment. You can’t afford to miss it as the doctor is always busy and you won’t get another appointment for at least a month. What you need is a professional car service that will ensure that you reach the clinic before time. At Lavish Ride, we do this by picking you up at least 15 minutes early to adjust for traffic or any emergency along the road.
  • We Are Actually Affordable: Getting professional car services in Houston can sound expensive, but that’s not true. Lavish Ride is leading the car services in Houston and has one of the lowest medical transportation rates. We do this to keep you as much burden-free as possible. You have medical bills to worry about; we just want to provide our services without worrying you any further.
  • We Keep You Engaged: Clinics can be boring, and medical transportation can be even more boring. To keep you engaged, our professional drivers can talk to you, only if you want. This way, you won’t feel bored and will enter the clinic with a smile.

So if you’re looking for medical transportation or airport transfers in Houston, Lavish Ride has got you covered.

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